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Felipe Hernández Cava was born in Madrid in 1953.

After getting a degree in art history at the Autonomous University of Madrid, he made his professional debut as a comics author in the Pueblo magazine in 1970.

In 1972, with Saturio Alonso and Pedro Arjona he founded the team El Cubri, a pioneer of the political cartoon in Spain during the time of dictatorship. They published their first book "El que parte y reparte " in 1975, a few months before Franco's death.

Cava has worked with several generations of artists: García Pizarro, Enrique Pérez Martín Salvador, Rafael Ramos Aguilar, Luis García ("The Death of the Indian", 1980 Dargaud; "Argelia"), Marika, and Adolfo Usero Asun Balzola. With Federico del Barrio, he created the trilogy "Les Mémoires d'Amoros" (2000-2004, Amok, after Frémok) of "Lope de Aguirre. La Conjura" and "The Perverse Artifact". With the latter they recieved the prize for the best work and best script at the Barcelona Comic book Fair in 1997.

Cava has also worked with Víctor Raúl de la Fuente, Enrique Breccia and Ricard Castells ("Lope de Aguirre. The Atonement," Frémok), which won the prize for best work and best script at the Barcelona Comic Fair in 1999 .

He is the writer of "Blind Snakes" (2008, Dargaud), illustrated by Bartolomé Seguí. He then wrote "Soy mi sueño" (2008, Ponent), with Pablo Auladell and "El Hombre descuadernado" (2009, Ponent), with Sanyu, an album dedicated to the insanity trial of the writer Guy de Maupassant.

In 2009, at the Barcelona Comics Fair, the album "Blind Snakes" (2008, Dargaud) won the prize for best work and best script. This album was also awarded the Critics Award and the National Comic Award by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. Felipe Cava continues to work with Bartolomé Seguí on "The Dark Hands of Oblivion" (2014, Dargaud) and "The Roots of Chaos" (2015, Dargaud).

Felipe Hernández Cava is also the screenwriterr for television sitcoms, the author of documentaries and the designer of show programs. Also a screenwriter for film , he is the author of "Las Locuras of Don Quijote", directed in 2006 by Rafael Alcázar.

He also works as a critic for literature, comics and popular culture for the press (El Mundo and Letra internacional) and as an art critic for publications group Exit (Exit, Exitbook and Exitexpress), which welcome him on their editorial board.

Exhibition commissioner for paintings and comics, he regularly writes texts for artists' catalogues. He taught the art of writing at Juan Antxieta School in Bilbao, was a professor of cinema and Spanish culture at the New York University in Madrid and taught humanities at the University of Alcalá de Henares.

He is the creative and artistic director of the Madriz magazine, whose role in the revival of the Spanish comics scene was essential.

He was also co-director of Medios revueltos and El Ojo clínico magazines. In collaboration with Federico del Barrio, he creates a daily strip (under the pseudonym of Cain) in the newspaper La Razón, which was the winner of the Villa de Madrid Price Madrid City Council awarded to the best cartoonist. He contributed to the album "11-M." Once miradas" (2005, Ponent), a collective work dedicated to the 2004 attacks in Madrid, won an award at the Lucca festival in 2005 for its "contribution to expanding the narrative potential" of comics.

Cava regularly collaborates with the publishing house Circulo de Lectores - Random House Mondadori as an editor of humoristic drawing anthologies. We owe him in fact for the creation of the Memorias dibujadas days organised by the city council of Guadalajara.