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Eric Corbeyran

Corbeyran was born in Marseille 1964, and now lives and works in Bordeaux.

After dabbling in photography, children's stories and advertising, he turned his attention once and for all to scriptwriting for comic books. He has since published around forty titles for various different publishers, among which Dargaud, Delcourt and Casterman.

Insatiably curious, and a lover of images and anecdotes, Corbeyran is interested in a huge variety of subjects and has worked in all sorts of different genres: fantasy, history, thrillers, adventure, crime... You name it, he's done it.

From his regular collaborations with Berlion, Falque and Guérineau came certain titles that today have become an integral part of the Franco-Belgian comic book landscape, such as Le Cadet des Soupetard, Sales mioches!, Le Fond du monde and Le Chant des Stryges.

In 1999, Corbeyran authored a new album in the Dargaud 'Long Courrier' collection, Lie-de-vin, which was nominated for the Alph'Art award for best album at Angoulême the following year.

As part of his collaboration with artist Alice Picard, Corbeyran has notably scripted the Okhéania series (Dargaud Benelux 2008, Europe Comics 2017), set in a land where the ocean is a great sea of leaves, another poetically eccentric expression of an eternally creative mind.