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François Boucq

François Boucq

Born in Lille in 1955, François Boucq began his career in 1974, drawing political cartoons for magazines such as Le Point, L'Expansion and Playboy.

While dedicating himself to the revival of the carnival in his hometown, he decided to try out creating comics and published his first works in Mormoil in 1975. In 1978, his "Cornets d'humour," a series of short stories (written by Philippe Delan), were published in Pilote. Afterwards came the humorous adventures of Rock Mastard (written by Delan) in Fluide glacial, and then Les Leçons du professeur Bourremou (written by Pierre Christin).

From 1983 he became one of the regular contributors to the monthly magazine À Suivre..., and author-illustrator of humorous short stories which were then brought together in albums by Casterman: Les Pionniers de l'aventure humaine (1984), Point de fuite pour les braves (1986), La Pédagogie du trottoir (1987) and La Dérisoire Effervescence des comprimés (1991). At the same time, while working with American writer Jerome Charyn he put together La Femme du magicien (1984) and Bouche du diable (1989, published in English as Billy Budd KGB), both of which were later reprinted by Le Lombard.

Boucq then collaborated with the novelist and writer Alejandro Jodorowsky. The two of them created Face de lune (1991) with Casterman, as well as Trésor de l'ombre (1999) and the western Bouncer (2001) with Humanoïdes Associés. In addition to these ambitious albums they created together, Boucq is the sole author of the the totally off-the-wall fantasy Aventures de la Mort et Lao-Tseu (1996) and Jerome Moucherot (The Adventures of Jerome Katzmeier, Europe Comics 2017), published by Le Lombard. His arrival at Le Lombard with Rock Mastard was preceded by the creation of the press kit of the Troisième Degré collection. In the last decade, Boucq has also created a number of other series.

The year 2007 saw the publication of Le Janitor (Dargaud 2007; The Keeper, Europe Comics 2016), the result of his collaboration with Yves Sente. In 2011, he worked on volume 4 of the XIII Mystery series with Alcantehe (Dargaud). With Charyn he created Little Tulip (Le Lombard, 2014), and in 2015, with a script by Marcel Gotlib, he continued the adventures of the French-est of all superheroes, Superdupont (Dargaud, Europe Comics in English). The same year he also released Le Procès Carlton (Le Lombard).