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Lionel Marty was born in 1971 in Aurillac.

As a child, he was already dreaming of epic adventures and blackened the pages of his exercise books with legions of warriors.

He wanted to become an artist, so he prepared himself by cultivating his art and misanthropy at the same time! He spent three years at the Duperré school, where they attempted to instil in him the art of selling useless objects to strangers.

With a diploma in visual communications, he preferred to return to his childhood passion and opted definitively for comic books. He moved to Angers where he met Eric Omond, with whom he created a series: Mort linden (three albums published by Delcourt).

Then he went to live successively in Bourges, New Caledonia, Le Mans... and in Touraine where he currently resides. He is working on the second volume of Rêve de Jérusalem (Dupuis; The Dream of Jerusalem, Europe Comics), the type of sweeping epic he dreamed of when he was younger, with script by the excellent Philippe Thirault.