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Over the years, Humanoids has published thousands of original titles, with third-party publishers translating many of them into numerous languages. Some, such as The Incal, have achieved stellar performances worldwide and sold millions of copies.

Alejandro Jodorowsky in Los Angeles

Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jerry Frissen at the Los Angeles headquarters in January 2018.

Creators have always been the heart of Humanoids. Its catalogue—which spans a varied collection of genres: science-fiction, thriller, comedy, horror, children’s, fantasy, action, adventure, and more—includes the works of some of the most talented and celebrated artists and writers in the graphic novel field.

Among them is the legendary creator Alejandro Jodorowsky, who has—in over four decades of working with Humanoids—established a large, shared sci-fi universe, spanning multiple characters, stories and series, known as the Jodoverse.


Foreword from Humanoids Presents: The Jodoverse

Humanoids Presents - The Jodoverse

Humanoids released its first graphic novels more than 40 years ago in Paris, France — starting with the seminal comics magazine Métal Hurlant (which became Heavy Metal in the US) — and has since published thousands of titles, including international bestsellers and iconic series such as The Incal and Barbarella. Now based in Los Angeles, California, Humanoids is one of the world's most thriving international graphic novel publishers, and the only one with European roots to have successfully established itself in the US, UK, and Japan.

Humanoids is known for the breadth of its catalog, both in terms of the richness of its content, but also in the international range of its creators. Developing visionary universes, characters, and stories with artists from diverse backgrounds and sensibilities has always been one of Humanoids' mandates.

One such example is the Jodoverse, a unique and elaborate universe created by legendary writer and filmmaker Alexandro Jodorowsky, along with renowned artists such as Moebius and Juan Gimenez. Its genesis was the failure in the 70s by Jodorowsky and the team he assembled (including Moebius, HR Giger, and Dan O'Bannon — who would later write Alien) to develop the movie Dune (as seen in the incredible documentary Jodorowsky's Dune, the greatest movie never made).

Decades later, this universe is inhabited by an inexhaustible number of planets and characters. It is a truly fertile ground for countless astounding plots and intrigues. Now crossing multiple Sci-Fi series, the Jodoverse spans more than just the published page, with each character and world complete with their own comprehensive backstories and mythology. Be it the hapless class "R" detective John Difool searching for the key to the universe, the ephemeral Incal artifact; or The Metabaron, the greatest warrior in the universe. Themes like the battle of nature vs. technology, as seen in The Technopriests; or the blooming of the seeds of revolution against a tyrannical order, via an anomalous clone, in Megalex, are explored in topical and imaginative ways. These series have entertained millions of readers around the world, as well as influenced countless artists in all creative avenues, from filmmakers to writers. If you're not already one of them, this is your opportunity to get acquainted with some of these amazing characters and lose yourself in the Jodoverse!