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Valerian and Laureline 22 — Memories from the Futures

Valerian and Laureline22 - Memories from the Futures

Memories From the Futures, 22nd volume of the series ‘Valerian and Laureline,’ is a superb homage to a saga that has turned upside-down both our vision of the future and the role of women in comics. The saga had come to a close in the previous volume with a temporal loop to which only the authors hold the key. In this new volume, authors Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mézières play the role of intergalactic tourists, revisiting some of their heroes’ most remarkable adventures. In addition to adding a few sublime pages to Alflolol, they return to Central Point, as well as taking us back to a time when Laureline, a wild young woman, had yet to be seduced by spatio-temporal agent Valerian. Back to the future in comics’ first space opera!

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