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Yakari is a little Indian, courageous and generous, whose happy life all children would like to share. Astride Little Thunder, his faithful mustang, Yakari gallops across the Great Prairie, where people and animals live in harmony and migrate according to the seasons. Endowed with the wonderful ability to talk with all the animals, Yakari comes to know their way of life and their environment. Through his encounters and discoveries, Yakari passes on to young readers of his fascinating adventures a sense of respect, tolerance, justice, and solidarity. With humour and kindness, Yakari also teaches how to take advantage of lessons about life revealed by Mother Nature...

Angoulême 2005: Yakari won the Youth Prize for 7-8 Years.

The order of books is given in Cinebook version and it differs from the original French one
  • Original Series Title: Yakari
  • Publication Status: Ongoing
  • BDGest

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