European Comics in Official and Fan Translations

Promethee 12 — Providence

The thirteenth day, and the worst has come... Coming from seas and oceans, the alien crafts have launched a massive attack against mankind, resulting in 99.9% of humanity being methodically exterminated! Only a handful of survivors, amongst whom are Jeff Spaulding and Kellie Lambert, have managed to hide... But what next?

Promethee 13 — Encounters

Humanity was annihilated after the extraterrestrial invasion, but could these events have been avoided? Throughout history, numerous indications and clues have been seen across the surface of Earth, left by the alien entities... But nobody knew how to decipher them! As a consequence of this failure, humanity was exterminated methodically after the extraterrestrial invasion! Discover the signs and portents heralding the disaster, in this exceptional collective album!

Promethee 14 — Lost Souls

In 1959, in Camp Hero, the scientists of the secret Montauk project are bewildered to see Turan, Dimbort, Lacan, and Denton arriving from the 21st century. Now, these "men of future", need to persuade the scientists of the past of the disaster to come! In 2019, the few survivors of the initial invasion try to survive their new world... The time has come for them to burn and to bury the victims of the global genocide orchestrated by aliens.

Promethee 15 — The Village

Will humanity be able to rebuild after the alien apocalypse? Survivors get organized to avoid the total extinction. In the United States, in 2019, in the wake of the invasion, the survivors get organized to avoid total extinction, to create a new civilization. In Great Britain, in 1838, Teki Turan, temporal castaway, plays a leading role in the study of a crashed alien ship. In the Area 51, in 1959, Hassan Turan and his team enter the limbo of time to avoid the apocalypse that they have witnessed. While in Syracuse, in 416 BC, the siege plunges the city into chaos. A new challenge awaits humanity, for the alien plan is far more elaborate than anyone could imagine!

Promethee 16 — Insurretion

Will humanity be able to rebuild after the alien apocalypse? Will the handful of survivors left, be able to avoid the total extinction? Tim Scott, who has been kidnapped by the aliens, underwent a surgical operation aiming at implanting nanotechnologies in his retina. He reappears in 1838 on the English coast of Torquay in order to inflict the same treatment on Teki Turan. In Syracuse, a young man undergoes an abduction and an intervention too. It seems that the aliens’ real purpose is not the one that we think…

Promethee 01 — Atlantis

September 21st, 2019 – 13:13 pm
After a successful take-off, the Atlantis Shuttle disappears mysteriously from control screens.
September 22nd, 2019 – 13:13 pm
All the timepieces (watches, clocks...) on the planet suddenly stop.
September 23rd, 2019 – 13:13 pm
The Atlantis Shuttle reappears and lands in Cape Canaveral, with only one survivor is on board: the commanding officer of the mission is found in a state of shock right in the middle of his crew's torn appart corpses.
September 24th, 2019 – 13:13 pm
An American nuclear submarine gets the echo sonar of a German U-boat that had disappeared sixty eight years earlier... In open sea, a trawler discovers the monumental hull of the Titanic, that sank in the same place, 650 km in the Southeast of Newfoundland.

And that's just a beginning... As the threat of Apocalypse hangs over the whole planet, it would seem that the future of Humanity has plunged into obscurity... presaging the worst for our civilisation.


Promethee 17 — The Spartan

Humanity is not alone anymore in their fight for survival, but what are the intentions of our new allies? In the future, Dillon and Murray survey the extent of the damage caused by the aliens in the cataclysm. As they do so, they’re drawn into a conflict between two seemingly opposed alien forces, and have the painful experience of making contact with a downed pilot from the dissident faction. Meanwhile, in 2019, the soldiers of General Wandmacher arrive in Washington with an alien prisoner... The war is about to take another turn!

Promethee 02 — Project Blue Beam

As the threat of Apocalypse hangs over the whole planet, it would seem that the future of Humanity has been plunged into chaos and obscurity... Heralding the worst for civilization. What will be the next disaster? Is humanity ready to face it? And what are these mysterious "ghost ships" roaming the seas and space?

Promethee 03 — Exogenesis

While the United States are accused of wanting to found a New World Order, disasters continue to go on all around the world, and the secret Apollo XX mission lands on the moon where they make a major discovery... At the same time, in the logbook of the captain of the Titanic - returned to the surface in an almost new state - a strange address and phone number is found, which seems to indicate a location in the Bahamas where a blue hole has formed! And a team of specialists is gathered to dive into this mysterious abyss...

Promethee 04 — Mantique

While the United States are accused of wanting to found a New World Order, the disasters continue around the world, causing riots, tensions to rise, and the possibility of war. What really happened to the Titanic, which led it to navigate at full steam? And a probe has been sent into the blue hole of the Bahamas, but what is hiding on the other side of the mirror?