European Comics in Official and Fan Translations

Authorised Happiness 1

When society pushes the ideals of equality to their breaking point, the result can easily become plain absurd. In order to avoid the chronic budget deficit of the healthcare system, for instance, what better way is there but to become a nanny state? Even if it leads to the Medical Police imposing fines on anyone not watching the weather forecast… Three Kafkaesque stories that paint a frightening picture of an over-regulated world.

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Mayam 4 — The Infinite Goodness of Lenny June

Life is good again for Lenny June, legal attaché to the Terran delegation on the developing planet of Mayam. After all, he’s bested his scheming former boss the ambassador, ditched an intergalactic cartel’s deadly hit woman out in the forbidden wastelands, and gotten away with the priceless relic they were all after: the ancient head of a dead god. But then… who is trying to kill him? Why did the diplomatic core decide not to promote him, and instead, send out a new ambassador… with Lenny’s fiancée? And could it be that head isn’t actually as dead as he thought?


Metal Hurlant 12

Rick Spears and Rob G (BATMAN, TEENAGERS FROM MARS) headline this issue with a beautifully brutal tale from the trenches in A CALL TO ARMS. José Ladronn (HIP FLASK) and Alexandro Jodorowsky (METABARONS) shed TEARS OF GOLD, while Kurt McClung and Das Pastores (DEICIDE) present A SON FOR A SON. As well as the continuation of Stefano Raffaele’s (HAWKEYE) horrific love story, FRAGILE, Guy Davis (BATMAN: NEVERMORE) and Jerry Frissen introduce a new major character in THE ZOMBIES THAT ATE THE WORLD, and Jean-Pierre Dionnet keeps SPOUTING OFF for the edification of the masses.


Metal Hurlant 11

This month, Metal Hurlant greets THE EYE OF DAWN, an evocative story of beauty and betrayal that serves as the comics debut of the talented Paul and Gaëtan Brizzi (animators of The Firebird Suite segment in Disney's Fantasia 2000) and manages THE DEBT, a new Alexandro Jodorowsky (The Metabarons) tale of Metal Hurlant, the screaming metal soul of a dead planet that spreads sorrow and change wherever it goes. While in this corner, we find Benoit Boucher's THE FIGHT, the possibility of love after death in the latest chapter of Stefano Raffaele's FRAGILE, and the fourth story in the ZOMBIES THAT ATE THE WORLD series, ENTER THE AMAZING BELGIAN, by Zombie-Wrangler Jerry Frissen and illustrated by Zombie-Master Guy Davis. We also explore the hidden corners of popular culture as Jean-Pierre Dionnet continues SPOUTING OFF and enter the final fray in the ultimate chapter of Jodorowsky and Beltran's MEGALEX.


Metal Hurlant 10

Does our destiny lie among the stars or in the dust? A question to be answered in this new issue of Metal Hurlant!

It's good to be the king, right? Find out how heavy lies the KING'S CROWN, our cover story illustrated by the incomparable Richard Corben and written by Jim Alexander (Warhammer). Alexandro Jodorowsky (The Metabarons), partnered with artist Adi Granov, weaves a tale of destiny and love among the stars in THE MASTERS OF DESTINY. Being dead is bad enough, but what happens when you're faced with TERMINAL BOREDOM, the third story in the ZOMBIES THAT ATE THE WORLD series, by Zombie-wrangler Jerry Frissen and illustrated by Zombie-Master Guy Davis (The Marquis). Plus you'll find even more zombies in the latest chapter of Stefano Raffaele's FRAGILE, trip the light fantastic through the best of popular culture as Jean-Pierre Dionnet continues SPOUTING OFF, and explore the mysterious world Jodorowsky's/Beltran's MEGALEX.


Metal Hurlant 09

Get a double shot of Guy Davis (UNSTABLE MOLECULES) with his THE ZOMBIES THAT ATE THE WORLD serial plus a story based on the cover by European superstar Tardi. Also featuring Stefano Raffaele’s horror/love story FRAGILE and a weird western tale by STAR WARS book cover artist Tommy Lee Edwards.


Metal Hurlant 08

Shattering the boundaries of genre in an affordable 64-page format! Includes a disturbingly hilarious zombie story illustrated by Guy Davis (THE MARQUIS); a glimpse into the beautifully rendered sci-fi world of Beltran and Jodorowsky's MEGALEX; and a chapter of FRAGILE, a morbid tale of zombies in love by Stefano Raffaele.

Special thanks to Alexandro Jodorowsky for the prologue to COLD, HARD FACTS. (If you want to know what we're talking about, you'll have to pick up this issue!)


Metal Hurlant 07

Introducing MH's NEW FORMAT: 64 pages of comics (16 MORE PAGES) for the SAME PRICE! Includes 8 pages of MH's newest ongoing contribution, FRAGILE, a zombie tale by Stefano Raffaele (Hellboy, Blackburne Covenant); and R.E.M., an espionage story written by Dan Curtis Johnson (Chase) and illustrated by Mark Vigouroux (Miss).