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Thorgal 01 — The Betrayed Sorceress

Thorgal 01 - The Betrayed Sorceress

The Betrayed Sorceress is the first album of European comic book series Thorgal, written by Belgian writer Jean Van Hamme and drawn by Polish graphic artist Grzegorz Rosiński. It was first published in 1980 by Le Lombard under the title La Magicienne Trahie. It introduces the characters of Thorgal Aegirsson, Aaricia, Gandalf the Mad, and Slive.

Thorgal’s coming-of-age is painfully similar to the rest of his life: the young man finds himself tied up to the stone of sacrifice by Gandalf the Mad, king of the Vikings of the North and father of his beloved Aaricia. There, the Child of the Stars can do nothing but wait for the coming tide—and death. Until, that is, a mysterious sorceress with flaming red hair comes to offer him a deal: his life, and revenge, against one year in her service. Discover the first two volumes of the adventures of Thorgal, published in 1980, translated into English at last.

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