European Comics in Official and Fan Translations

Avatar 3 — The Cracks of My Cavern

In a seemingly utopian self-contained complex, some bizarre things start to happen. There are inexplicable power outages in all the surrounding areas; streets aren't where they used to be; people are acting like zombies. When former computer hacker and current police Sergeant Manuel goes with his friend Valeria to visit Val's sister Liz at this complex, they come to learn that some major, but mysterious conspiracy is going on. But they are clueless to the true nature and the enormity of it all. They get caught up in a very dangerous cat-and-mouse game that could cost the lives of Liz, the complex, the entire world and possibly even the universe. It doesn't get any bigger than that.

Avatar 2 — Claws in the Wind

Manuel the deaf-mute police detective is confronted by a new technological horror in the latest crime wave. A seemingly impossible series of murder have erupted across the globe, all with the same modus operandi. The police have named the killer "The Vampire" because of the bloody nature of the crimes. Manuel has been called in to investigate the possible cyber-crime aspect of the killings. What he discovers shakes him to the core, and endangers everyone around, especially his friends, psychologist Valeria. The hunt for the Vampire leads to an unexpected places and a chilling conclusion that has to be seen to be believed.

Avatar 1 — A Look into the Abyss

Manuel Gomez is a new breed of detective in the high tech world of cyber crime. A deaf mute from birth, he is able to communicate with the world around him with the help of his special glasses. Manual is called in to consult on the case of a young woman who was connected to a virtual reality site at the time of her death, an apparent suicide. He finds out that several other young women have committed suicide while connected to this same site. The research leads Manuel to a VR landscape designer who is being treated for a variety of psychiatric illnesses...

Dark Stories

Dark Stories (Historias Negras) is a collection of short stories that Alfonso Font created in 1980. They were colored especially for this edition by Ivan Cavini.

With an extremely critical eye, brilliant comic artist Alfonso Font explores some of the darkest facets of mankind and showcases the vilest human weaknesses as a gloomy farce. Written and drawn over 30 years ago, “Dark Stories” first appeared independently in a Spanish magazine, but was never before published in an album format. Now, finally, the stories compiled in this volume have not lost any of their momentum. The compelling aesthetic sensitivity of Mr. Font and his uninhibited drawing style are not for the faint of heart – the powerful imagery and the morbid humor run like golden thread throughout the book and will leave almost nobody indifferent.


Jeremiah 04 — The Cult

Jeremiah and Kurdy escort the Graig family on a journey through an impassable mountainous area. After fighting off an ambush, they are forced to stop in the village of Inemokh to nurse their injured guide back to health. But things turn bizarre when they realize the town is run by a cult that imposes death on all unbelievers ...


Jeremiah 05 — A Guinea Pig for Eternity

Jeremiah has been staying at his aunt Martha's house, where he has been wasting time weeding and carrot farming. Meanwhile, Kurdy Malloy is hired by a dodgy man named Stonebridge for a task that seems harmless. But while at a mysterious hospital in the middle of the desert Kurdy realizes something sinister is afoot.


Jeremiah 06 — The Eyes that Burned

Still searching for his missing relatives, Jeremiah and Kurdy approach Indian territory, which is forbidden – and dangerous - for Whites. Several times they encounter a strange magician whose companion, camouflaged from head to toe, seemingly can send deadly rays through his eyes. A dramatic confrontation in the forbidden zone awaits them…



The story takes place in equatorial Africa, where Dario Ferrer, a park ranger in a nature reserve, protects animals from poaching. A female journalist pays him a visit because she wants to interview the poachers and believes Dario can arrange it. He agrees and somehow they end up in a place where soldiers have just committed a massacre.

Now they must run for their lives as they are being hunted by a hitman who wants to prevent them from telling the world about what they have just seen.

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Jeremiah 03 — The Heirs

While searching for his family, Jeremiah and Kurdy travel from farm to farm looking for work. They are finally hired by the Bancroft Company plantation. But it does not take them long to realize why the farmers of the surrounding areas hate the bosses of this plantation.


Jeremiah 02 — A Fistful of Sand

Jeremiah and Kurdy get lost as they make their way through the vast desert. And they are slowly running out of water. By chance they save the life of David Corey, a sergeant of the militia, who is on the run after a raid on a money transport. But something is strange about Corey’s story.